Michele Manzotti

Born in Bergamo on 17/2/1967.
Graduated on 11/13/1991 at the University of Bergamo – Degree course in Economics and Commerce.
Registered as a member of Committe of Chartered Accountants of Bergamo since 11/09/1996 with n.909/A and in the Register of Legal Auditors at n.79654.
He deals with corporate and commercial consultancy, gaining experience in extraordinary transactions and commercial negotiations.
He held the position of official receiver and expert on the appointment of the Court of Bergamo.
He advises and usually carries out extraordinary operations (mergers, liquidations, transformations), various types of negotiations including acquisitions and sales of companies (also abroad) as well as consultancy on various international issues.
He deals with problems of donations, successions and generational transfers (also by and for foreign subjects), real estate market (purchase and sale of various types of property also abroad).


  • Corporate, tax and legal due diligence
  • Valuations of companies, business branches and company shares
  • Management of extraordinary operations (negotiation)
  • Corporate consultancy to support strategic business choices