Giancarlo Ceracini

Born in Bergamo on 11/04/1979.
Graduated in 2008 from the University of Bergamo – Master of Science in Business Administration and Business Management.
Registered as a member of Committe of Chartered Accountants of Bergamo since 2009 with n. 1547/A and to the Register of Legal Auditors with n. 157919.
He has been collaborating with the Firm since 2002. He deals with consultancy and administrative-accounting and tax assistance for capital companies, preparation of financial statements and compilation of tax returns, extraordinary and corporate transactions in general. He holds the position of statutory auditor and legal auditor in various limited companies.


  • Administrative and accounting advice
  • Tax assistance in the context of extraordinary transactions
  • Financial statements drafting
  • Corporate, tax and legal due diligence
  • Budget analysis, management control and examination of the company situation.