Carlo Jannone

Born in Bergamo on 14/06/1963.
Graduated with full marks in 1988 at the University of Bergamo – Degree course in Economia e Commercio.
Registered as a member of Committe of Chartered Accountants of Bergamo since 12.06.1991 with n. 409 and the Register of Legal Auditors with n. 30763.
As a founding partner since 29.06.1991, with Dr. Maurizio Conca, of the “Studio Associato Conca-Jannone”, he has contributed significantly to the current development of the Firm through his professional activity, the recruitment of professionals now members or collaborators and the acquisition of primary customers.
He deals with economic, legal, corporate, contractual, financial and real estate consultancy, having gaind considerable experience in the fiel of sector operations.
He has participated as a speaker and organizer in conferences for the professional association to which he belongs on various topics (ritual-irritation-administered arbitration, business networks, shareholders’ agreements, rent to buy, etc.), and for the Provincial Forensic Association (responsibility of the administrators of banking institutions).
He actually holds corporate positions in the banking and financial sector.


  • Corporate, tax and legal due diligence
  • Valuations of companies, business branches and company shares
  • Management of extraordinary operations (negotiation)
  • Corporate consultancy to support strategic business choices
  • Contractual consultancy
  • Financial/real estate consultancy
  • Legal – corporate consultancy